Customer Feedback

These responses are from actual customers.

Woman, 50s
“I saw your ad on TV Shopping and bought Super Million Hair. I used it before attending my class reunion. Everyone liked it. I showed a sample, and some people tried it themselves.”
Woman, 70s
“When my hair started getting thin, I did not feel like going out. I stayed at home most of the time. My son suggested I try using Super Million Hair. It covers all the thinning areas of my hair and looks very natural. Since trying Super Million Hair for the first time, I use every time I go out. Now I enjoy eating out and traveling with friends.”
Woman from Kyoto, 70s
“My hair feels thicker!”
Woman from Tokyo, 50s
“The hair on the back of my head is thinning. I tried Super Million Hair and found it made my hair look thicker and concealed every thinning area. I am very happy.”
Man from Gifu Prefecture, 60s
Super Million Hair is much better than hair growth tonic!”
Man from Miyazaki Prefecture, 40s
“I like Super Million Hair a lot because it allows me to concentrate on my work, not on my thinning hair. I’m a salesman, so that’s important.”
Woman from Hokkaido, 40s
“I had been dwelling on my thinning hair for a while. One day, I tried Super Million Hair. It hid all the thinning areas of my hair. I am very happy now, and want to use Super Million Hair forever.”
Woman from Kanagawa Prefecture, 40s
“Since trying Super Million Hair, I’ve regained my confidence. I am very happy now. Thank you.”
Woman from Gifu Prefecture, 60s
“The hair color I selected matches very well with my own natural hair color, and I love it.”
Man from Kumamoto Prefecture, 60s
“I use Super Million Hair for business meetings and traveling. I’m very happy.”
Man from Miyagi Prefecture, 40s
“Wonderful product! I love Super Million Hair!”
Man from Fukuoka Prefecture, 30s
“Ever since I started using Super Million Hair, there’s been no trouble my hair. Thank you.”
Woman from Niigata Prefecture, 30s
“I found the hair in front was getting thin, and my skin was starting to become exposed. Super Million Hair concealed the thinning areas. I’m very pleased that it’s so natural looking. I’ll continue using this product in the future.”
Man from Tokyo, 50s
“Thank you for a wonderful product.”
Woman from Osaka, 40s
“I tried Super Million Hair. It mixes well with my own hair. It feels completely natural.”
Woman from Kanagawa Prefecture, 50s
“I used several different brands of liquid spray before trying Super Million Hair. Your product is so natural looking. I am very happy.”
Man, 20s
“I felt sick when I noticed my hair thinning just before my wedding. One day, my mother recommended trying Super Million Hair. She bought it at a hair salon. I tried it. I looked so handsome in the spotlight at my wedding with a full head of hair. Super Million Hair concealed every bare area.”
Woman, 30s
“My child had alopecia areata. He was constantly being bullied by kids at school. Finally, he stopped going to school. I suggested he use Super Million Hair. He’s now back in school. I am very happy.”
Woman, 30s
“My hair was thin when I was younger. Back then, I tried wig after wig. None of them satisfied me. Then I tried Super Million Hair. Super Million Hair is so natural. It’s more precious to me than a jewel.”

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