Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

How does "Super Million Hair" conceal thinning hair?
Charged with static electricity, Super Million Hair fibers bond securely to your own hair and conceal balding areas leaving your hair looking thicker.
Will "Super Million Hair" damage my skin?
No, Super Million Hair will not damage your skin. It is completely safe because it’s made from specially treated fibers that are natural rather than artificial fibers used for clothes.
Will "Super Million Hair" clog my pores?
No, Super Million Hair will not clog your pores. It look like powder, but it’s fiber cut into 0.3 to 0.5 mm.
Will "Super Million Hair" fall out in rain or wind?
No, Super Million Hair will not fall out in rain or wind. When dry, Super Million Hair Mist protects your hair from rain, wind, or sweat, and keeps Super Million Hair firmly in place. Simply towel dry wet hair. Do not rub your head or hair.
I understand "Super Million Hair" will not come off in rain. Why does it come off when shampooed?
Super Million Hair comes out when your hair is shampooed because shampoo contains a surface-active agent that works to decrease any kind of contaminant.
Why do I have to use "Super Million Hair Mist"?
Firm-holding hair sprays sold on the market emit pressure that is too strong for Super Million Hair making your hairstyle uneven and out of place. Firm-holding hair sprays are good for setting hair, but are harsh on your scalp. Super Million Hair Mist contains extracts such as hinokitiol, sialid-extract, and carrot-extract, that are used as remedies against balding, and will not harm your scalp. Super Million Hair Hair Mist works best for setting Super Million Hair.
"Super Million Hair Mist" stopped working.
Should the nozzle become clogged, remove the nozzle head from the bottle, soak it in hot water for 5-6 minutes, and place it back on the bottle.
Do I have to wash my hair everyday?
Yes, you should wash your hair everyday. We recommend you wash your hair regularly and maintain a beautiful hairstyle because the outer layer of skin on the scalp is excreted every day. Greasy hair may cause fluff build-up.
Where can I get "Super Million Hair"?
Super Million Hair can be purchased at facial treatment and hair salons, drug stores, and cosmetic stores throughout the country. If you cannot find it at a place near your home, please refer to our website.
Can I apply it by myself?
Yes, Super Million Hair is easy to apply all by yourself. With a hand mirror, check to make sure the thinning area is completely covered. Over time, you’ll learn how much to use on your hair. Soon, you’ll be able to do it without using a mirror.
Will "Super Million Hair" lose its color on the cloth?
It does not mark or stain. If you sprinkle Super Million Hair on your cloth, it will dust off easily.
What is "Super Million Hair" made from?
Super Million Hair is made from rayon enzyme pulp fibers.
How long does it last ?
It will last until you shampoo it out if you refrain from combing or brushing your hair. It may stain your pillow. We recommend you cover your pillow with a towel when you sleep.
How can I check the remaining of "Super Million Hair"?
[Super Million Hair 40g]
See the bottle through the sun light or in the light when you see how much is remaining.
[Super Million Hair 15g and 25g]
A small window is provided on the side of the container. If it is difficult to see how much is remaining, peel off the silver film.
It feels like there is less of the product than there should be.
Super Million Hair is made of fibers, so there might appear to be more or less of the product depending on its color and any movement (e.g. vibrations) experienced during transport. However, rest assured that all products contain a standard weight (in grams) of product.
Is "Super Million Hair" good for alopecia areata?
Yes, Super Million Hair is good for alopecia areata. Apply Super Million Hair Mist first on your head, then spray Super Million Hair, finally spray Super Million Hair Mist again.
I use a baldness remedy、Is that OK?
No problem. After applying the baldness remedy, dry your hair with a hairdryer, and then apply Super Million Hair. If you do not blow dry your hair first, Super Million Hair may curl up.
Doesn’t "Super Million Hair" clog the drain?
No, Super Million Hair will not clog the drain. It is cut into very small 0.3 to 0.5mm pieces. There’s no need to worry about clogging the drain.
Is it okay to wear a hat or helmet?
Yes, it is okay to wear a hat or a helmet. If the hat or helmet touches Super Million Hair directly, it may fall out. You must apply Super Million Hair Mist to secure Super Million Hair.
I barely have any hair. Can I still use "Super Million Hair"?
Yes. If there is still some hair on your head, it is enough to aid in covering the thinning area.
Is "Super Million Hair" only for men?
No, Super Million Hair is not just for men. Many women are also love using Super Million Hair. We have several different colors. We recommend you select a color little darker than your own hair. Super Million Hair is not a hair dye.
Can this product be used by children?
Super Million Hair can be used by a wide range of people, regardless of their age or gender. However, while we take safety into full consideration, please refrain from using it on infants due to risk of accidental ingestion or contact with mucous membranes such as the eyes, mouth, and nose.
Why should it not be used together with pomade or liquid hair cream?
Super Million Hair should not be used together with pomade or liquid cream because the oil contained in pomade and liquid hair creams may cause Super Million Hair to curl up, leaving an undesirable finish.

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