The voice of Professional

Super Million Hair is used by not only the Japanese professional beauty salon, but also hair dresser and make-up artist in the world. TV star also use the Super Million Hair for makeup.

The voice of the American Hair dresser

Mr.Eric Serena
Mr.Eric Serena
Hello, I am Eric Serena. Moved to Los Angeles in 1969, it has always been active in the cutting-edge in the beauty industry. My Salon provide a service to the center of the Hollywood movie and TV stars and celebrities that have to go one step ahead of the times.

Provision of Super Million Hair more than 25 years

Eric Serena Hair Design
Eric Serena
Hair Design
I has been more than 30 years since I met Super Million Hair and started to introduce customers of my salon and all across the United States. Super Million Hair is loved by many people, and very pleased to everyone.

From celebrities to ordinary people

Super Million Hair is used by not only people to actively appeal such as Socialite, TV talent, and the entertainment industry but also men and women of the general public.

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The voice of Professional
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