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No more worries about thinning hair

Super Million Hair is artificial fiber cut into 0.3 to 0.5mm pieces.
The artificial fibers stick to your natural hair with static electricity making your hair look fuller than ever before.
1. Before Super Million Hair.
2. Sprinkle Super Million Hair.
3. Spray Super Million Hair Mist.
  • Natural finish.
  • In 10 seconds only.
  • Stays in place in rain, wind, and sweat.

SUPER MILLION HAIR is recommended for people with the following hair loss problems

Androgenic alopecia (Male Alopecia & Common Pattern Alopecia)

Androgenic alopecia is a common form of hair loss.
The pattern of hair loss varies with individuals.
Androgenic alopecia is related to male hormones disturbing the hair root and causing the hair to thin.
As alopecia develops, hair gets shorter in length and lighter in color.
The result is fuzzy-looking hair.
Hair growth is also substantially less and, in many cases, hair ceases to grow.
Androgenic alopecia

Alopecia areata

Bald patches are characteristically round spots similar to the size of a twenty-five cent coin. Hair loss is mainly triggered by mental stress regardless of gender or age, and may occur without any warning signs.
Alopecia areata

Caused by burns or surgery

Burns or surgery may affect hair growth.

How to Use

Dry your hair first.
Set your hairstyle with a brush.
Dry your hair first
  • Wash off or towel dry any excess scalp oil before applying Super Million Hair to give your hairstyle a more natural look.
  • Dry your scalp first before using any hair growth tonic.
  • Eliminating the use of cosmetic oils will give a better finish.
Pat the bottle on the balding area to apply.
Position the bottle upside down on the balding area you want to conceal. Then, pat the bottle lightly.
pat the bottle lightly
  • Using a hand mirror, make sure that Super Million Hair is applied generously until the scalp is no longer visible.
  • Spraying too high above your head, will reduce the effectiveness of the product.
    Apply Super Million Hairpatting your skin.
  • Applying Super Million Hair just a few inches from the skin is convenient if you have oily skin or want to keep your current hairstyle.
Gently pat your hair and touch up.
Gently pat the area of application with your hand allowing Super Million Hair to mix in with your own hair.
allowing Super Million Hair to mix in with your own hair
  • Patting your own hair lightly makes Super Million Hair come out on the surface giving your hairstyle a more natural finish.
Apply Super Million Hair
Spray Super Million Hair Mist seven to eight times about 15 cm above the area.
Spray Super Million Hair Mist seven to eight times about 15 cm above the area
  • Do not touch until the hair dries.
  • For quick dry, use a hairdryer.

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